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Sending enquiry for heating & cooling hammer plus electric facial massager machine price

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-B809
Name:electric facial massager machine
Function:Skin lift, tighten skin and wrink removal
Extra functin:Hot & cold hammer
Bio handle:6pcs
package:Netural package
Voltage:110V / 220V
Warranty:1 year

Sending enquiry for heating & cooling hammer plus

electric facial massager machine price



About The Product

The function of electric facial massager machine


1, Bio Sticks

By conveying simulated human bioelectric current into human’s body,it can stimulate the ATP energy inside of cells and achieve the following effect.

– It can effectively boost the damping capacity of human skin so as to improve the absorption capacity of human skin and make the cells have sufficient nutrients and age slowly and the elastic fibre of the cells not easily rupture and generate furrows.
It can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, maintain normal functions of metabolism, strengthen the blood vessel wall and improve expanding and tarnishing of blood vessels.
It can greatly stimulate the functions of cells, supplement human bioelectricity, protect the vitality of cells, speed up the metabolism of cells and get rid of black flecks.
It can constringe pores, get rid of aged cutin, restore normal structuring of ion in human cells and improve the skin which has problems


2, BIO Magic Gloves

It’s a patented glove made of copper/macromolecule fiber alloy,which has the features of anti-bacterial and odor proofing.It can dissolve the dirt in pores,get rid off sour.
By conveying bioelectric current into skin,it can resolve the fatty acid,restore elastic of the skin.During the operation,if the customer has the sense of tingling,it is a normal phenomenon


3, Hot & Cold Hammer

– Cool hammer treat edema, relieve the pain in the part of body, shrink pores, calm inflammation and abate hypersusceptibility.
– Hot hammer accelerate blood circulation and enhance metabolism.
– Smooth skin and enhance elasticity of skin and blood vessel through hot(relax) and cold(tighten up) exercise alternatively.



The application of electric facial massager machine

1.Get rid of remaining impurity and poisonous matters caused by bad circulation.
2.Purify blood vessels.
3.Calm down, stretch and loosen nerves.
4.Activate and stimulate blood circulation.
5.Reinforce the activity of muscles, promote organic functions and advance metabolism.
6.Strengthen lymph transmission.
7.Lower down the aging rate of human skin.
8.Stimulate the regeneration of corium and promote the generation of more collagen and elastic fibre.
9.Stimulate the strength of nerve endings of human skin.
10.Make the skin healthy and sanguine.


Detailed Images

Product details of electric facial massager machine



Product operation

The control panel of electric facial massager machine


How to operate electric facial massager machine?


1 Connect with power supply in accordance with the supply voltage of the instrument and turn on the switch of the back panel.The time displayed on the panel should be programmed as 30 minutes and the maximum time limit can be 99 minutes; the energy is displayed as 00, and the maximum value can be adjusted to 15.
2 Press the key to make BIO operate. When you press the key for odd times,it will begin to work; when you press the key for even times, it will stop operating.
3 You can choose any program for nursing according to various needs; it has two modes, i.e. manual operation and automatic operation.
4 Choose any of the four programs from P1 to P4. When the indication light for AUTO is shining, the four programs of BIO will switch automatically once a minute. When it is in manual operation, you can choose a program to make it automatically change the rate of vernier regulation and attain the best operating effect.
5 Adjust the keys of time control to adjust the nursing time. The amount of output of BIO can be adjusted by controlling the key to increase energy and the key to decrease energy. The maximum value is on Grade 15.
6 ress the key “WORK” to make the heating & cooling hammer operate and press the
key “STOP” to stop operation.
7 When the time displayed on the display screen is 0 and the buzzer sounds “di”, turn off all output.


Do not apply electric facial massager machine on those with the following diseases:
1.Heart disease patients
2.Those who use automatic ventricular systole device
3.Pregnant women or possibly pregnant women
4.Those who are in the period of discomfort
5.Those with sensitive constitution (dermatitisn patients and those who are sensitive to metals)
6.Haemophilia patients and infective tetter patients
7.Those who have been applied with silica gel in any face lifting operation
8.Those who are taking medicine


Packaging & Shipping

The Standard list of electric facial massager machine


Serial number Name of fittings Amount of fittings
1 Wrist wire 2
2 Magic gloves 2
3 Double-ended power cord 1
4 Great copper facelift handle  2
5 Calabash shaped facelift handle  2
6 Cotton-stick facelift handle 2
7 Heating & cooling hammer 1
8 One-off gloves 10
9 Instruction book 1



We uauslly send package via DHLor fedex to you,  if some countries not support DHL or fedex, we will send EMS shipping to you.


DHL or fedex shipping need about 4-5 days arrive your address.

EMS shipping need 10-20 days arrive your address.


Contact Supplier

More details please don’t hesitate to contact Pasola.


Sky: pasola.ni

Telephone: +86-02028135324

Whatsapp: 008615622256037

Email: info @qianhealth.com

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