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Protable home use ipl machine

Type:IPL, protable home use
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:IPL-002
Feature:Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, hair removal
Name:hair removal IPL machine
Energy:from level 1- level 8
lamps:two lamps
HR lamp:hair removal 6000 flash
SC lamp:skin care lamp 10000 flash
Dimension:245mm (L) X 135mm (W) X 125mm (H)

Protable home use ipl machine




Operation principle of IPL machine




 IPL removes hair by intense pulsed light which heats up the hair shaft and it’s root.

• Through light transformation, the darker hair receives more heat.
• This process stops the hair growth early, in the anagen phase.
• Hairs are usually in different states of the hair growth’s cycles.
• Hence, more than 4 treatments are required to give you long-term hair-removal successfully


  Each part of IPL machine



1, Power Level:select the power level.(from level 1 to level 8)

2, Power Level switch

3, Charge:When this is red,Charging:When green,ready to flash

4, Lamp: When this is green,lamp is OK


Product specifications of IPL machine


Lamp:                   Xenon Lamp
Light Source:        Pulsed light
Energy Fluency
Hairremoval:         3.0J/cm 2 ~ 5.0J/cm2
Skincare:               1.8J/cm 2
SpotSize:               30 mm x 15 mm
Wavelength:           module 47 ( 470 – 1100 nm)
Lamp Life              HR:6000flash,SC:10000flash
Weight:                   1.7Kg
Dimension:             245mm (L) X 135mm (W) X 125mm (H)
Operation Conditions
Temperature:           5oC – 30oC
Humidity:               30% – 80% RH
Rated Power           110-220VAC,50or60Hz,200W
Storage Conditions
Temperature :          -20 oC to 80 oC
Humidity:                0%-95% RH

FAQ of IPL machine


Q. Is the IPL harmless if I see it direct?
A. Eosika HR500 is designed for safe treatment. It has the touch
sensor at the head of hand piece, and without touching this sensors
to your skin, the light is not emitted.

Q. What is the lamp life?
A. Eosika HR500 indicator shows you when you have to change the
lamp module. Averagely, lamp life is 6,000 shots in HR mode, and
20,000 shots in SC mode. if the light intensity falls below acceptable
level, it stops emitting light automatically, then you have to change to
new lamp module.

Q. When uses Hair Removal, do I have to remove hairs
completely before the treatment?
A. Just shave by 1mm of height. If you remove your hairs by waxing,
epilator, tweezers, your hair follicle absorb less heat, and this will
lessen the effect.

Q. I can see the hair remained after the HR treatment?
 A. Several hairs can be remained after the normal treatment.
This will be removed automatically within two weeks because the hair
follicle was affected/harmed by IPL.
Do not remove the remained hairs by wax, epilator, tweezers.



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