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Needleless mesotherapy handheld machine

Type:No-Needle Mesotherapy Device
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-M002
Feature:Dark Circles, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover, skin tighten
Name:Needleless mesotherapy
function:Whitening,anti-wrinkle,eye care
Input Voltage:100~240V
Working Voltage:12V safe Voltage
Bipolar Radio Frequency:100-500KHZ
Ultrasonic Rang:0.3~0.5MHz
BIO Output:20-60HZ


professional Needleless mesotherapy machine

1, electroporation

2, bule light therapy

3, face skin beauty


professional Needleless mesotherapy machine






Application of advanced high-tech beauty ,"point to surface ultra infiltration techniques,Positioning,layer,quantitative native of high-energy liquid directly to the dermal layer of the skin and insice the cells,so that contain a variety of nutrients and active ingredients th high-energy primary fluid,rapidly absorbed skin tissue and cell membrane,play a direct role in the internal,resulting in effect,promote skin metabolism,keep skin whitening and elasticity.


No needle meso application:

1.delicate texture:improve rough skin pores,congestion,dark complexion

2.tighten skin :smooth fine lines,sichuan pattern,effectively prevent skin sagging ,loose and solid upgrade

3.the senstive coating repair:have done pulsed laser,sensitive skin,Changdou ,acne,oily,secretion,exuberant skin

4.Whitening:dull,uneven spots,etc.

5.deep moisturing :very dry skin,dehydrated skin,dry skin in oil,thin skin,lock water and poor performance




How to use :

1.With Clean facial cleanser,and then coated with undiluted essence facial categories of products

2.the host power connection

3.Turn rotary knob on the host,the energy transferred to the appropriated strength electrophoresis

4.followed by the bottom up ,from the inside out approach,in the face at the beauty instrument approach operations,each about 15 minutes,the whole operation process must be kept moist face ,in order to ensure smooth electrophoretic head can move.

(1)Blue-ray:energy to penetrate a distance of about 0.5mm,have a calming,anti-acne effect.Suitable for sensitive ,oily and acne-prone skin ,you can adjust skin sebum secretion status,valid up to improve acne in addition to acne skin care purposes,the other Blue-ray also has a compact convergence slack skin.Activate cells,promote blood circulation,stimulate the body sensors officer(suitable for those who face yellowish)

(2)Red:energy to penetrate a distance of about 8-10mm,red is suitable for all skin types,which can rach the dermis to stimulate fibroblasts,warm and promote blood circulation,promote collagen ,to fade fine lines,skin more elastic and smooth .Its mild wavelength can fit around the eyes and forehead .Fix redness,whitening,pigmentation

(3)Green:the distance between the red and blue through the middle of the green for combination skin ,improve cellular oxygen use alternate function,motivating surface microcirculation,skin effects also play a sedative to relax the body,skin pain soothing perification.





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