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Type:IPL, Portable
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:IPL-10
Feature:Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, spot removal
Name:home ipl removal age spots
function:2 in 1
Package Size:28cm X 17cm X16cm
Warranty:1 year

keyword 2014 best ipl machine ipl hair removal system

home ipl removal age spots



The feature of home ipl removal age spots

1, Hair remove

2, Skin rejuvenation

3, Freckle removal


About The Product

 What is home ipl removal age spots?

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy) hair removal procedure produces a high intensity flash of filtered light from the applicator head, which has been placed in contact with the skin. The energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is the chromophore, which gives hair its color.The hair rapidly absorbs this filtered light and transfers it to the surrounding cells that in turn are converted into heat raising them to a temperature of 70 degree Centigrade or more. The heating denatures the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth.


Where can use home ipl removal age spots?

Hair Removal: Lip hair, armpit hair, body hair on arms and legs, hair on places that affecting looks such as hair line on forehead and bikini area.

The effect of home ipl removal age spots

Detailed Images

Product details of home ipl removal age spots


More details of home ipl removal age spots


Lamp Xenon Lamp
Light Source Pulsed Light
Energy Fluency  Hair Removal: 3.0J/cm² ~ 10.4J/cm²
Skin Care: 1.8J/cm² ~ 5.5J/cm²
Spot Size 15mm x 30m
Wavelength  Hair Removal: 470 ~ 1100nm
Skin Care: 420 ~ 1100nm
Lamp Life  Hair Removal: 6000 flash
Skin Care: 20000 flash  
Operation Conditions  Temperature: 5°C~30°C
Humidity: 30%~80% RH
Rated Power 110-240VAC, 50 or 60Hz,200W
Storage Conditions  Temperature: -20°C ~ 80°C



 Our products certificate

    If there is any quality problem within one week since purchasing date, the buyer can change for a new one.
    The warranty time is 1 year and lifetime maintenance.
    If the product is out of the warranty time, our company is will also be  responsible for maintaining and keep helping you all the time.

 1.When will I begin seeing results?

You will see immediately noticeable results, in addition, you will begin to see results after your third treatment and be virtually hair-free after ten. Be patient — the results are worth the wait!


2.How can I accelerate the results?

You will apparently see results faster if you have treatments twice a month for the first three months. Following that, you still have to treat once a month for another four to five months to completely remove the hair.


3.Does it hurt?

Precisely speaking, the sensation varies by individual, but most people think the feeling as a light to medium rubber band snap on the skin, anyway, that feeling is significantly more comfortable than waxing, Remember it is important to always use low energy settings for initial treatments.


4.Will hair grow back?

Yes, some of it will. However it will grow back in looking thinner and finer. If you stop using IPL hair removal home use device hair growth may eventually return to its previous pattern.

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*Sky  : pasola.ni

*Email: info @qianhealth.com

*Phone: +86-02028135324



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