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hot sale! electro muscle stimulation slim shape equipment

Feature:Skin Tightening, Detox, Breast Enhancers, Weight Loss
Operation System:High Frequency
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:qianhe
Model Number:QH-B333
Name:slim shape equipment
function:slim ,detox, tighten,massage
pads:10 pairs
Warrenty:24 month


electro muscle stimulation slim shape equipment

1,electro stimulation

2,20 pieces electrode pad

3,slim & tighten

4, CE

electro muscle stimulation slim shape equipment




Function of slim shape equipment:

The use of micro-current to stimulate the body’s cells, and Biomimetic wave theory, massage, acupuncture points and meridians of human, so as to achieve the effects of weight loss, breast enhacing, healing.





1: Start/Pause

2,3: Work / Stop Indicator

4: Speed

5,6,7: Speed Shown (3 Models)

8: Error Warning Indicator

9: Timer Display

10,11: Time Up / Down

12: Program Select

13-16: Program Shown (P1; P2; P3; P4)

17: Auto Program

18: Auto Indicator

19-28: Min—Max Adjuster

29-38: Output Port

39: Cable Input

40: Fuse

41: Power ON/OFF

42: 220/110V Change Button















Program Description of slim shape equipment:

P1: to fit muscle release and remove muscle ache and pain, work as skin massage.
P2: to fit breast area, muscle on legs and arms string, and buttocks and udders upgrade.
P3: to fit bionic movement (string drooping muscle, burn extra fatness).
P4: to fit reduce fatness, remove extra fatness cells through high intensional massage operation, to get slimming body.


Note: when to choose one program, the microcomputer inside machine will auto adjust the speed of operating to get best effect according to set program





Instruction of slim shape equipment:


Before the operation, first to set 220/110V interchange button to fit your local voltage, (for example: local 110V voltage, set machine to 110V through adjust and set the 220/110v interchange button, against 220V, same set way.).


Connect the machine to your local voltage, turn on the machine, at this moment, the timer shown 30 minutes set.
According to operating demands, to adjust timer to a right work time. The max work time is 60 minutes. (if one of mix-max button or all doesn’t be off, the machine is to have warning voice, should turn off all mix-max buttons and wait 5 minutes, the warning voice stop).


Press select key to choose one program from P1 to P4, or press auto key and machines auto set the programs.


Press speed key to choose and get right output energy.


Insert the machine and put the electrode pads on the treating area, two different electrode pads in same group should put on body symmetrical or within 5 cm range, wrap it with bandage. (warning: always don’t put the paddle on heart area.).


Press start/pause key, ready to operate.


Adjust mix-max button to get suitable output energy on each path.

After over the operation, turn off the machine.






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