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HF003 Supply Newest galvanic and high frequency facial device for personal use

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Anti-wrinkle Machine, Derma Rolling System, Facial Massager
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:HF003
Product:galvanic and high frequency facial device
tubes:4 pcs tubes
warranty:one year
function:Eliminates acne and pimples
Material:ABS and glasses
Working theory:High frequency for acne treatment and Ozone for sterilizing
Tube color:orange or volet as your request
shipping method:DHL/UPS.EMS/FEDEX as your request


galvanic and high frequency facial device

1.Glass tubes 4 pc

2.hair loss prevention,skin treatment

3.Strength can be adjusted

HF003 galvanic and high frequency facial device

1. Eliminate acne and pimples
2. Reduce skin irritation
3. Wrinkle reduction
4. Skin tightening
5. Tissue oxygenization
6. Kill bacteria and virus
7. Topical application showed effective in healing wounds, promoting hair growth, treating prostate, gingivitis, etc  





Product Description









Galvanic and high frequency facial device is through the high frequency electricity rate coagulation,urges the epidermal cell necrosis,which can in instantaneous thoroughly eliminate all kinds of spot both on the face and on skin surface. Such as old age spots,freckles,granules,tattoos,moles,etc,the effect is obvious with no bleeding or scar left.   


High frequency treatments are used to stimulate, sanitize and heal the skin. Used for years, this type of treatment is designed to provide high frequency currents that generate warmth in the skin and stimulate nerve endings, in turn increasing blood circulation, nourishing the skin and improving product penetration within the skin. By increasing skin metabolism, high frequency ozone facials encourage healthy cell function and promote skin healing. Direct high frequency offers the results of treating dry and dehydrated skin by increasing the activity in the sebaceous and soporiferous glands and causing a skin warming effect. Direct high frequency ozone provides benefits for those with blemish prone and acneic type skin by killing bacteria and eliminating oils.







1. It helps to calm the nerve and has analgesia function

2. It produces the ozone for sterilization, can help wound to heal and to restrain pores

3. Improve secretion, the PH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality

4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism

5. Has the function of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening

6.It can use as a sex toy.it is good care for Privates skin.


Direct Method—-fit for greasy nature skin

-Please grease essence and cream on the face first and then the hold the metal bar to put the glass tube on face.Turn on the machine.
-Massage with the glass tube like "Z" or helix on face, do the treatment as follows, forehead–nose–right side of the face–chin–left side of the face–nose–forehead.

Sparkle Method—-fit for wounds, sore and inflammation

-It’s normal if there are sparkles coming out while the glass tube touches the face.
-Cover the eyes with a piece of the wet cloth patch and touch the face with the glass tube on the part of inflammation. For one time, the treatment should be less than 10 sec.

Hair Care Method—-fit for stimulating the skin surface reduing folliculitis and improving the healthy growing of the hair

-Towards the direction of the hair to move the comb tube.
-Use the comb tube (together with pilatory is much more better).  


As a sex toy—it is good and local excitation for breast skin and wholebody skin.




 Looking for the ultimate in portability and power?
Sought after by spas, salons and home users with prior high frequency treatment experience, the machine offers users skin rejuvenation, oxygenation and purification, all in one hand-held unit. Features include seven interchangeable glass electrodes to facilitate the treatment of the face and body and a convenient adjustable intensity control knob. This fully featured deluxe system comes complete with a one year warranty and step-by-step English manual.



1. Indirect way for dry & aged skin
2. Direct way for greasy skin
3. Sparkle way for sore,inflammation & wounds
4. Hair care way
5. Helps to calm the nerve and analgesia function.
6. Produce the ozone for sterilization,help wound to heal and restrain pores.
7. Improve secretion,the PH value,causes the skin lean to neutrality.
8. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.
9. Anti-aging,anti-wrinkle,tighten skin.

10. sex toy.


Features include a new portable space-saving design.
This advanced hand held high frequency machine conveniently plugs directly into your power outlet and does not require the operation of a bulky base unit as many systems used by skin care professionals at salons and spas do. The system is slightly larger in size than other hand-held high frequency wands but still offers the convenience of portability. Also included is a sturdy storage case (shown above) to protect the your system when not in use. This system contains a series of fragile high frequency electrodes. Those that desire an appliance that can more easily be taken along on travel.

Includes 4 interchangeable high frequency electrodes.
The included electrode set is available in your color choice of either orange (Neon gas) or violet (Argon gas). The electrodes work in concert with the high frequency electrical current generated by the machine to help achieve optimal purification and rejuvenation results. When touched to the skin, the electrodes will produce a safe, therapeutic glow as well as skin purifying, enriched oxygen molecules. The interchangeable high frequency electrode parts as further described below, come in a variety of convenient shapes and sizes thereby facilitating the treatment of different areas of the face and body:


Electrode Size

Treatment Area


Cheeks, Forehead, Neck, Chest


Eye Area, Small Targeted Points

Rake / Comb

Scalp, Areas of Thinning Hair





Packaging & Shipping





Package included:

4 Glass tube:
1. Tongue tube
2. Mushroom tube
3. Bend tube
4. Comb tube


1 X Main hanle machine
1 X English Instruction





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