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Beauty hot breast sucking and massage

Feature:Breast Enhancers, Detox
Operation System:vacuum, vibration, BIO
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-B1
Name:hot breast sucking and massage
function:breast, hip, nipple enhancement
therapy:vacuum, vibration, BIO
External voltage:110/120-220/240V
Internal voltage:36V safe voltage
Electric current:5A
Single pump pressure flows:14L/min


hot breast sucking and massage

1, vacuum breast sucking

2, safe perfect result

3, nipple breast massage

4, CE

Multifunction hot breast sucking and massage





Functions and Principles of breast sucking and massage

   Specially designed vacuum pump can enlarge breasts, without the pains and health risks arising from surgical. It is not a pushed-up or filled breast plumping bra or silicone implant. It can make your breasts beautiful and natural by the physiological cycle of females.


  Vacuum pump can renew combinations by rhythmically inhaling fat particles and liquid into breasts, and decompose, enlarge and shape.
In the first half of physiological cycle (proliferative phase): the body hormone rises naturally, and galactophore and colloid proliferate, so large amount of fat substances is needed. The vacuum pump can increase local blood stream flux, inhale fat particles and various kinds of nutrition, fully meeting the needs for galactophore and colloid proliferation.

  In the latter half of physiological cycle (recovery phase): the body hormone decreases, the proliferation volume of galactophore shrinks, and the breasts gets small and soft. At the moment, the vacuum pump can inhale the maximum fat and inherent liquid of breasts, keep the breasts plump and tight.
Through periodical benign cycle, the fat tissues can be provided with more nutrition to enhance absorption, smooth liquid circulation and lymph circulation system, providing more nutrition and making the breasts large and tight.

  Breast enhancement cream richly contains pure plant essences (homoplastic female hormone), natural growth factors. Since small molecules have high-effect penetration, the high-effect penetration and absorption principle is adopted to regulate hormone secretion system and stimulate the galactophore upgrowth. It can provide nutrition, and also can enhance the accumulation of fat tissues and fat, extending galactophore to the plumpest and tightest condition.


Suitable Users of breast sucking and massage

The instrument is intended for the women suffering from hypogenesis of female breasts, genetic small breasts, asymmetric breasts, breast sagging and shrinkage after childbirth, inverted nipples, and breasts hardening after a breast augmentation surgery.


List of Parts of breast sucking and massage


Name of Part

Quantity of Parts

Vibrating cup (Large)


Vibrating cup (Medium)


Vibrating cup (Small)


Suction Cup (Large)


Suction Cup (Medium)


Suction Cup (Small)


Cupping therapy cup (Large)


Cupping therapy cup (Medium)


Cupping therapy cup (Small)


Transparent Tee Tube


Breast Bio pad

1 couple

Small straight tube


Power Supply Cords







Technical parameters of breast sucking and massage
1)External voltage: 110/120-220/240V
2)Internal voltage: <=36V
3)Electric current: <=5A
4)Power: <=180W
5)Single pump pressure flows: 14L/min
6)GW/NW: 5KG/3.5KG

7)Packing specification: 35*35*28CM






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