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B809 Magic hand massage gloves microcurrent non surgical face lift machine

Type:Anti-wrinkle Machine
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-B809
Feature:Anti-Puffiness, Deep Cleansing, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Operation System:High Frequency
Product:non surgical face lift machine
Target Area:Face and body
warranty:one year
Plug:Euro or USA plug
Packing:one pc/carton

B809 Magic hand massage gloves microcurrent non surgical face lift machine






Product Description*


Theory of B809 Magic hand massage gloves microcurrent non surgical face lift machine


Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical impulses. A microcurrent face lift is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin. It is also referred to as a BIO-ultimate face lift. When used in conjunction with specialized products a manual manipulations, these tiny microcurrent impulses encourage your body’s currents at a cellular level. The signs of aging are greatly reduced, while skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved. These relaxing applications may be enjoyed as a one time, comprehensive facial, or in a series of applications to reach your optimal goals, as well as enjoy enhanced longevity of results. This procedure is proven safe and effective, delivering noticeable results.



QH Product Function

BIO Microcurrent Sticks has many magic functions such as face lift, ridding flecks, beautification, ridding fine furrows.


They are simply interpreted as follows:

    It can effectively boost the damping capacity of human skin so as to improve the absorption capacity of human skin and make the cells have sufficient nutrients and age slowly and the elastic fibre of the cells not easily rupture and generate furrows.

    It can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, maintain mormal functions of metabolism, and strengthen the blood vessel wall and ipprove expanding and tarnishing of blood vessels.

    It can greatly stimulate the functions of cells, supplement human bioelectricity, protect the vitality of cells, speed up the metabolism of cells and get rid of black flecks.

    It can constringe pores, get rid of aged cutin, restore normal structuring of ion in human cells and improve the skin which has problems.

    Control acid reaction in Blood ,help blood restore sub acidity,promote metabolism,activate cells so as to make people restore from fatigue and lower down aging.

    Indicate the blood with subacidity according to the result,make the nerves conduct regularly and normally,promote the secrection of endocrine gland ,make the reaction of nervus centralis and peripheral neuron more active.

    Stimulate the activity of human scarfskin,make the capacity of molecules improve;make poisonous matters,peroxide and intercellular fluid circulate so as to improve metabolism.

    Harmonize,maintain and improve the functions of apparatus,body fluid,tissue and system.

    Maintain acid protection film of human skin,purify the pipeline of hair follicle,shrink pores and muscles,and reinforce the capacity of human skin to absorb nutrients,make cells rapidly be activated,make skin tender,damp and delicate and prevent aging and bad shaping of face.

    Improve constitution and purify blood,break fat cells,make thermal energy burn in human body,just as the effect of pulling out muscles,so that the arrangement of muscles can be restored,body can be graceful and attractive.



BIO Magic Gloves

 It’s a patented glove made of copper/macromolecule fiber alloy,which has the features of anti-bacterial and odor proofing.It can dissolve the dirt in pores,get rid off sour.

By conveying bioelectric current into skin,it can resolve the fatty acid,restore elastic of the skin.During the operation,if the customer has the sense of tingling,it is a normal phenomenon.



Cold hammer:
1.Be exclusively used for curing a sensitivity skin
2.Can sooner and more avaiably the opposite department allergic skin have the town calm
down function
3.Can immediately remove for five minutes red and swollen, dropsy, stop a itch, go eye bag,
solve to bring many skineses unwell face hairdressing sharp weapon because of allergy, let the skin reply a health nature thoroughly.
4.For the blush from shame phenomenon in the air condition building, the result is very good.
5.Can also used for the assistance treatment that the child gets a fever to have fever

Hot hammer:
1.Accelerate product absorption, promote metabolism
2.Warm up, make the person feel warm and comfortable, have already relaxed a muscle, equilibrium self-discipline nerve, solve ache,aching
3.Stimulate blood circulation acceleration, increase to contain amount of oxygen in the blood,
make the pore open, the blood vessel extends to enhance, making the nourishment composition of skin absorb quickly, is the most gentle and comfortable valid ducting method.
4.Strengthen skin metabolism velocity, make the organization contain hot result to build up, the nature expels discare toxin, having certain result to the cancellation of eye bag, black eye.



QH Product Feature


Application of B809 Magic hand massage gloves microcurrent non surgical face lift machine
1.Get rid of remaining impurity and poisonous matters caused by bad circulation.

2.Purify blood vessels.

3.Calm down, stretch and loosen nerves.

4.Activate and stimulate blood circulation.

5.Reinforce the activity of muscles, promote organic functions and advance metabolism.

6.Strengthen lymph transmission.

7.Lower down the aging rate of human skin.

8.Stimulate the regeneration of corium and promote the generation of more collagen and elastic fiber.

9.Stimulate the strength of nerve endings of human skin.

10.Make the skin healthy and sanguine.


Package Content
  • 1 x BIO Facelift Machine
  • 2 x Wirst Wires
  • 1 x Magic Gloves
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x Great Copper Facelift Handles
  • 2 x Calabash Shaped Facelift Handles
  • 2 x Cotton-stick Facelift Handles
  • 1 x Heating&Cooling Hammer
  • 10 x One-off Gloves
  • 1 x Instruction Book





FAQ Why Choose US.

1. What is your warranty? And if the machine borken,what can i do?

A: All our machine have one year guarantee repair.The main machine within one year have any problem,Once show us short vedio or picture of problem.We will response to you and provide a solution within 24 hours. If necessary , we will offer free replace spare part to you.you only pay shipping freight. If you want send back,we also offer free repair and send back to you.However,quality problem seldom happen because we check the machine 100% in good condition then ship to you.


2. If the machine accessories or consumables need rechange,what can i do?

A: we will offer all the accessories and consumables,you can buy it from us. So that all machine you can use for long time.


3. Which payment terms you can accept?

A: We accept Western Union, Escrow via credit card(5% handling fee), TT($30handling fee), Paypal(4.5% handling fee)


4. What are the shipping ways you can offer?

A: We can delivery the goods by sea/air/express DHL.UPS.TNT,EMS,FEDEX according to your requirements.Usually Express take about 5 days to your address.

5. When will you ship out the goods after receiving my payment?

A: Sample order in small quanlity,we will ship out within 3 working days.if Bulk order ,within 30 days after 30% deposite.

6. Do you make OEM or ODM?

A: Yes, we can provide all kinds of OEM / ODM packing and labels.


7. Why Choose you?

A: 1.You can get our Manufature service including OEN and technical support

     2. you can fast delivery and good package. we have goods in stock.

     3.we have one year warranty. and offer 100% inspection before delivery to you.

     4.You can get Free training for operation of the equipment in our company.

     5.You can 24 hours On-line services,incluiding email,skype,whatsapp,wechat,trademanage etc.

     6. You have any question,we can solve all the problem on time.

     7. You will get high quality product from us. "Quality first" is our slogan.

     8.You will built up long term business relationship and friendship with us. Because we offer   Quality first, prompt delivery and reasonable price.



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