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7 in 1 red led light mask for face whitening led face mask

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-L01
Feature:Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Name:led face mask
therapy:LED facial mask
light color:7 colors led light
functions:skin rejuvenator,Shrinking Pore,remove acne
Red light:620-630nm
Blue light:405-415 mm
Purple light:red and blue dual-band light
Yellow Light:570-580nm
Orange light:nhance cell energy
Laser light:Penetrate the skin deep

  red led light mask for face whitening led face mask 




Function of red led light mask for face whitening led face mask:

Effect of LED light Photon skin rejuvenator

Shrinking Pore,delicate skin 100% 
Powerfully remove acne and acne 100% 
Control the growth of the true and false wrinkles 88.9% 
Desalination, eliminate acquired splash 90.9% 
To improve or eliminate pouch and black rim of the eye 87.5% 
Improve the dull tone 83.33%


1. Promote the regeneration of collagen
LED the colored light directly penetrate to the dermis, activate collagen and fiber cells regeneration,

improve flabby skin, increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Tighten the pores
LED three Health band spectrum into the internal pore, deep repair cells pore microcirculation, 

supplement energy, say goodbye to dull, recover firming, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic.

3. Intelligent repair
Activate the deep skin repair factor, promote the blood circulation, fade freckles and red blood silk, 

effectively improve the skin injury of different level.

4. Increase the active oxygen
Promote skin permeability, increase the active oxygen, lock in moisture, 

help the skin against outside pollution, improve skin ability to resist failure.

5. Accelerate detoxification
Effectively accelerate the metabolism of skin, promote skin toxin discharge, recover skin to young state.

6. Safety, without any side effects
International medical group has proved that to a lot of skin colour light of specific wavelengths, 

can make the person feels comfortable, use safe, no side effects


Features of red led light mask for face whitening led face mask:




Red Light


whitening pale spot, tender skin and anti-wrinkle

Yellow Light


Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function

Orange Light


Step by step to enhance cell energy,good for promoting the metabolism

Blue Light


destroy the bacteria, minimize acn

Green Light 


Neutralization, balance and safety purposes

Purple Light


treatment of acne and acne mark

laser Light 


decompose splash, improve the appearance of fine lines



Packing list of red led light mask for face whitening led face mask:

1 .Aluminum box X 1   

2.Host X 1          

3.LED photon mask X 1
4. RF frequency pen and connecting line X1
5.LED photon mask connecting wires
6. Power line X 1      

7. Eyes patches X 2   

8. Manual X1
9.Warranty Card X 1   

10.Fuse wire X 1



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