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40K Cavitation, Clod Laser, 5M RF best cellulite removal machine

Type:Vacuum Cavitation System, Body slimming machine
Operation System:Supersonic
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:S-010
Feature:Weight Loss, Wrinkle removal,Tighten skin
Name:best cellulite removal machine
Theory:Cavitation, Laser, RF
Dispaly:8 inch touch screen
Heads:4 heads
Multipolar RF:5 MHz
Guarantee:1 year warranty and lifelong maintenance

40K Cavitation, Clod Laser, 5M RF best cellulite removal machine




The function of best cellulite removal machine


-Reduce fat and break down stubborn cellulite and orange peel cellulite
-Lose arms, thighs, waist and hips excess fat, shaping the body lines, prevention of relaxation;
-Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
-Heal stretch marks, strengthen elastic tissue fibroblasts.
-Quick wrinkle removal, tighten skin easily



About The Product

What is best cellulite removal machine?

Best cellulite removal machine is a triple function instrument combined with cavitation blast fat, Laser Lipolysis, 5M RF skin remodeling, can blast pure fat 10mm in 10 minutes, heating dermal collagen. Full implementation slimming,body shaping, and firming effect.



How does best cellulite removal machine work?


1,  Cavitation

Cavitation is defined as under the frequency, the energy of the sound waves, produce many gaps in the liquid inside and outside of the fat cells. When these micro-voids occur "in the explosion", it will turn around the accumulation of ultrasonic energy for stubborn fat, orange peel of fat and cellulite. Cavitation strong shock wave can speedily vibrate fat, and produce cavitation. When the
pressure reaches a high level, they will make fat cells burst into milky (commonly known as: fat emusifying), and through a variety of body detoxification systems excreted, really makes fat "do not get to leave", until it reaches the real burning cellulite permanent weight loss.

Advantage is not easy to damage organization, subcutaneous nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic. 
In addition, since the role of ultrasonic energy, make skin lifting and tighten naturally.
2,  5M Multipolar RF
Multi-polar RF, the third generation RF following the first-generation monopolar radiofrequency and second-generation bipolar radiofrequency, retaining the previous non-invasive radio frequency skin tightening, wrinkle removal advantage, while adding a lot of unique technical advantages. Deeper levels of a multi-polar RF heating, which can heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, firming, wrinkles removal, but also has burning cellulite and body haping role. Clinically proven, multi-polar RF is currently the only available most safe and effective beauty, body shaping way for skin firming, wrinkles
removal, burning cellulite, and body shaping.
Advantage: Effect obvious, make you fee ten years younger surprise
                    Energy penetrate deeper, taking into account skin tighten and fat reduction
                    Comprehensive skin caring , repair damaged skin
3,  Cold laser
By 640nm high-energy narrow spectrum red light, resulting in a unique photochemical reactions, cells quickly update and promote fat digestion, eliminate cellulite, while stimulating blood circulation, enhance detoxification, improve muscle relaxation phenomena.
Fat cells emits low levels of laser energy chemical signals, the layer of fat stored in the body break down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing through membrane channels.When the body needs to use the stored energy reserve, release the fatty acids, this process is a natural response of the body, After a period of exercise therapy, will ensure through complete metabolized to eliminate the body free fatty acids.
Advantage: doesn’t affect or damage to surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.
Detailed Images

Product details of  best cellulite removal machine


Product Uses

The installation of best cellulite removal machine



The control panel demonstration of best cellulite removal machine


Warm prompt of best cellulite removal machine
1. In operation, focused approach to massage and stimulate lymph nodes form a circular motion, elbows lymph nodes are more abundant, may wish to massage as a focus.
2. Accessories operations should avoid cartilage, and make mostly "big boat", "8-shaped", "surf-style" looped operation.


Packaging & Shipping

Best cellulite removal machine including

No. Name Quantity Unit
1 Host 1 set
2 40K Cavitation probe 1 pcs
3 Seven-polar RF probe 1 pcs
4 Five-polar RF probe 1 pcs
5 Tri-polar RF probe 1 pcs
6 Power line 1 pcs
7 User manual 1 book
8 Bracket 1 pcs


We uauslly send package via DHLor fedex to you,  if some countries not support DHL or fedex, we will send EMS shipping to you.


DHL or fedex shipping need about 4-5 days arrive your address.

EMS shipping need 10-20 days arrive your address.



Our Products Certificate


  • If there is any quality problem within one week since purchasing date, the buyer can change for a new one.
  • The warranty time is 1 year and lifetime maintenance.
  • If the product is out of the warranty time, our company is will also be  responsible for maintaining and keep helping you all the time.
Contact Supplier

 If you like this type of body slimming machine, pls don’t hesitate to contact Pasola for more details!



Name: Pasola

Sky  :pasola.ni

Email: info @qianhealth.com



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