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2016 latest touch screen skin scanner analyzer

Type:Skin Analyzer
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:QH-SK01
Name:skin scanner analyzer
software:English version auto analysis
Pixels:5.0 Mega pixels
test items:8 items
Max resolution:2560×1920
package Box:Aluminum
Reports:can save and print Reports for client
Feature:analysis, upload your company logo and product


2015 touch screen skin scanner analyzer

1, analyzer computer 2 in 1

2, English language

3, Quad-Core all in one

4, CE

2015 latest touch screen skin scanner analyzer





Product Description



 Product description of skin scanner analyzer


  Skin scanner anlayzer This system is a kind of multifunctional equipment with beautiful interface and all-sided utility functions. It comprises Eight analysis modules which are available to analyze the changes of skin Sebum / Pigment / Collagen / Elasticity / pore / Acne / Sensitivity/ Moisture /Analysis report, To our big surprise, all skin images be converted into 3D skin images through real 3D reduction technology. In addition, the images be analyzed from arbitrary angles.

The comprehensive report with excellent text and pictures present all test results to clients in the form of percentages. In this way, the clients understand the analysis results and status of real skin clearly. Also to choose corresponding product to go with the test results is allowed.

Meanwhile, you promote the new products in background.  




   Product function of skin scanner analyzer


1) The analyser is a professional 50X skin scope, which contains freezing function, let you analyse your skin/hair condition clearly on the screen.


2) It comprises Eight analysis modules which are available to analyze the changes of skin sebum,pigment,collagen,elasticity,pore ,acne,sensitivity and moisture.


3) 50X can measure the depth of the skin line ,the regularity of the lamination and daily pathological change. you can take the the skin photo of skin corium layer and skin epidermal layer.


4) skin images can be converted into 3D skin images, can be analyzed from arbitrary angles.



5) The comprehensive skin report with excellent text and pictures present all test results to clients in the form of percentages. you can print report.



6)You can inset your company logo,you can recommand your cosmetic products in the software,can Edit the skin problem reason,Edit advice how to improve the skin condition;you can promote the new products in skin software.



7)all the skin photos will sace in the software,you can compare skin photos,compare skin reports.


8) Simple and convenient operation,original and compact appearance. English aotu analysis skin system.





  Product features of skin scanner analyzer


1     built-in host integral design and installation, need not connected to the touch screen operation is easy and intuitive voice prompt without learning, which is open, ultralight design easy to carry.
2    appearance design USES specially developed for mould, high-grade beautiful, make your product image more elegant. Product appearance and user interface and voice prompt any modification, provide real OEM, let you have a special instrument, private customized product image with you more.
3    the use of the first can hang a wall, cosmetic line beauty apparatus enchased in exhibiting more save space image outstanding, without detection product advertising images, repeatedly release as your free advertising board.
4    can change the parameters based on the using condition testing results, let the customer manipulated more firmly believe product effect.
5    the instrument equipped with professional line and cosmetic line two working pattern, all the beauty industry are applicable.
6 response low carbon energy saving 25W ultra-low power consumption



  Product packing list of skin scanner analyzer


Main body




50XP Skin Lens 


Aluminum Box


1.5 Meter USB Line


power adapter


power line


Instructions & Warranty 


CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software)






Company Information




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