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2013 newest ipl hair remove/hair removal machine

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Qianhe
Model Number:ipl-001
Feature:Hair Removal, Blood Vessels Removal, Pore Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover
Name:hair remove/hair removal machine
operation system:5.7 inch, keying blue screen
filter wavelength:640nm 530nm &480nm
Spot size:15mm*30mm
Energy density:1 ~ 50J/cm2 (IPL) 1 ~ 50J/cm2 (RF)
Power supply:220V +10% or 110V +10%
Output Power:1500W
Cooling system:semiconductor cooling + air-cooled + water cooling


IPL hair remove/hair removal machine

1, safe ipl for hair removal

2, Push-on button or touch screen

3, 3 filters

4, CE

newest hair remove/hair removal machine 




Treatment Theory of IPL hair remove machine



1. The Theory of Permanent Hair Removal:


The theory is the energy from IPL acting on the 15mm depth of surface, plus RF to prevent hair growth without hurting the sweat glands. Naturally, the hair will be never grown for the hair follicles closed, and having no melanin. Generally, there are 3 cycle of hair growth: Growth Phase,Maturity Phase, Dormancy Phase, and the treatment will be most effectively in hair’s Growth Phase, so patients need do the treatment 3-4 times to achieve permanent hair removal.


2. The theory of speckles/ freckle/ age spot/ sun-induced freckles removal:
To extract and decompose a plenty of pigment from skin depth by taking advantage of IPL, and to impel the pigment’s discharge from Lymphatic by taking advantage of RF; some others will be excreted through skin’s metabolism.



3. The theory of Skin whitening/ lifting/ rejuvenating, pore shrinking, and wrinkles removal:


To stimulate the Fiber-forming Tissue of the skin’s Dermal Layer, promote collagen’s forming, and accelerate cell tissue’s rearrangement by using IPL+RF, so as to achieve the effect of skin whitening, skin rejuvenating, pore shrinking, and wrinkles removal.




Treatment Scope of IPL hair remove machine


1. Permanent hair removal;
2. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, and pigment removal;

3. Improving skin& situation: more smooth, tender, delicate and elastic;

4. Changing complexion dark: skin whiting and uniform color;

5. Removing the pigment and scar: removing the sun-induced freckle, speckle,

6. Removing the acne and blain to imprint7. Removing the vascular lesions and blood vessel



The standard configuration changeable filters:


640–1200nm for hair removal


530–1200nm for skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, vascular therapy


480–1200nm for ance therapy






  Parameters of the IPL hair remove machine




optional wavelength from 480nm to 640nm




Energy density

1 ~ 50J/cm2 (IPL) 1 ~ 50J/cm2 (RF)


Pulse number

optional, 1-10times


Spot size



Power supply

220V +10% or 110V +10%

Output Power


Continuous working time

2-3 hours

Conductive ways of Light

guiding light from sapphire crystal

Cooling system

-8 °C ~ 1 °C

Plus outlet


Operating Screen

5.7 inch, keying blue screen

Operating Language

English, Chinese, Spanish, etc


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